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Why Microsoft Needs Resellers

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once said that,’I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.’One can say that this has been the guiding philosophy behind the concept of Microsoft Resellers initiated by Microsoft team in 2015. The first of many, Priority Reseller shop was opened in India with the aim to improve customers’ shopping experience and highlight connected devices experience with clear signage and better store navigation. Along with this, Microsoft has partnered multiple distributors and sellers as part of their new model, which provides small businesses opportunity for steady income. The only condition for getting this authorisation is that one should be comfortably conversant in the software needs of individual and business users. Those interested can apply online for the Microsoft Reseller permit on their website.

One could be a Registered, Certified or Gold Certified partner for Microsoft. Microsoft provides support to these resellers in form of regional service centers which are always available to answer any MPN questions. They also help their partners in increasing their knowledge by helping them learn about their products/services as well as develop soft skills like sales. Microsoft also offers to its authorised resellers technical capabilities, cloud and subscriptions services. In return, Microsoft is able to achieve wide-spread footprint across countries and cities. Resellers also boost sales process efficiency and business efficiency with customisable sales and marketing materials, hence increasing the overall input. It allows partners to promote their offerings on Microsoft website as well as better predict and prepare for the technological advancements.

The benefits are reaped by the end consumers as well, especially in regions which are not easily accessible. With this partnership, end consumers have been able to enjoy the rewards of latest technology products and services offered by Microsoft. With the Microsoft certification, customers can have their problems resolved without any doubt or hesitation. The Microsoft certified logo hence helps build partners’ credibility among new as well as existing customers.

A research in 2015 showed that Microsoft continuously needs to increase its partners as a vast majority of customers purchase technology—including cloud services—through the channel partners. It has often been observed that good service matters more to customers than good price.  People look to meet someone in person as compared to phone at the start of a purchase. These resellers cover local customer needs very effectively, small/medium business units. Especially when these units seek to simplify their technology logistics and hence investments, thus looking for service providers to take that burden off of their heads. While some are looking for sources that can be trusted advisors for both technology and specific business processes/vertical industries i.e.partners who can speak intelligently about the industry metrics. On the other hand, most of the times customers want help in choosing the right vendor and product. In the said survey of business partners, customers are asking for a specific vendor’s product 44% of the time. That means 56% of the time (which is more than half), they are open to the advice of the partner. And to think about those other 44%, everyone is interested in hearing about attractive alternatives.

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