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Top 5 Chatbots in Singapore


With almost every business being conducted online, Chatbots have become an important part of any business from SMEs, hospitality businesses among others. This is because of their ability to provide excellent customer service with the minimum costs possible. Chatbots are also great time managers and probably the best thing to happen in the digital world. Let’s look at the top Chatbots in Singapore and their functions;

  1. Bobbie

Bobbie is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot tailored to match SMEs to relevant government grants by asking relevant questions and the company can choose from the choices provided by the bot. This masterpiece by Paelo will then search for the answer related to the user’s choice in its database before producing the best answer. However, Bobbie faces a challenge in that it does not provide any links for the user, instead, the user will have search it in Google themselves or consult with the builder in case of any challenges faced.

  1. Sevi

Sevi, made by StreetSine, is a chatbot that has been of great help in the real estate industry. The bot acts as a personal assistant to realtors and provides information to the user, who is supposed to initiate the chat. For instance, if a user is searching for information about a property, all they have to do is initiate a chat by typing ‘hello’and the bot will provide data, narrowing in the selection via asking relevant questions. This is probably the most helpful bot in the real estate industry with the feature to find the right property or agent in Singapore.

  1. ai is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot with the ability to provide information based on personal interests. The bot is structured in a way to provide the latest news in Singapore, pull up the weather forecast and other entertainment feature. It acts like a personal assistant to the user, based on what they search for, and provides the best and latest articles on the topic of your choice.

  1. Ask Voila

This is a helpful online shopping helper in Singapore, designed to help users shop online. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Chatbot provides the user with categories of its services after getting started. On selecting your category, the bot will present all its products and then redirect you to the checkout site where you can purchase your products. This is one of the greatest inventions in the Singapore e-commerce industry.

  1. PennyCat

This is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot designed to provide coupons on different products including pizza, and flowers. On getting started, the Chatbot will ask you if you want to play a game, earn rewards or simply find a deal. The bot provides several games where you play to earn rewards that you can later redeem into what you want.

In conclusion, Singaporean businesses are finding it easy to incorporate the use of Chatbots to ease communication, provide offers to their customers and increase engagement with their customers. Most of these bots are Facebook Messenger enabled where the companies have a better chance of reaching more people and convert them into customers.

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