Who are we?

At Laptop Factory Outlet, we want to provide an additional alternative and an option to utilize your money wisely. Therefore, we came up with a concept to suit those on a budget and that was the creation of the Laptop Factory Outlet. At the Laptop Factory Outlet, we sell refurbished laptops and left over stock at a fraction of the price. We carefully check that all the refurbished laptops listed for sale work just like they did when they  were brand new and that there won’t be any lingering issues down the line. To guarantee this quality, all our models come with:

  • The original manufacturer warranty
  • Original packaging and accessories (unless otherwise stated)
  • Up to 70% off its original price

Why waste a perfectly good laptop?

Even though it might be a pre-owned laptop, it doesn’t mean that the machine is past its best. Our team of experts feel that every machine deserves a second chance and aim to getting it performing just like its newer cousins through our Laptop Refresh banner. The Refresh plan covers machines made from all the leading manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Apple and Asus and we use factory parts to fix any nagging issues. We then test the laptop against the default specs to ensure that everything is back to its best. To learn more about the refreshing process, click here.

Managing e-waste

One of the goals of Laptop Factory Outlet is to help limit the amount of e-waste produced in Singapore and we strive to make sure that nothing goes to waste where possible. If we find that a machine is unusable, then we will recycle it in an environmentally safe manner. However, if there are parts that are perfectly usable, then we will maintain them and keep them for use on other labouring machines rather than throwing them out to be scrapped.

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